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Surveys: 8th Survey District

[Record group 90-8]
Agency Function

Agency History
The 8th Survey District originally included the area of the original 21st Ward. In 1868, shortly after the creation of the 28th Ward from the 21st Ward, the 28th Ward was removed from the 8th Survey District and incorporated into a new 13th Survey District. The 8th Survey District was moved to Northeast Philadelphia in 1932 and its former area taken over by the 9th Survey District. The new 8th District replaced the old 14th Survey District, whose boundaries had been east of Castor Avenue, north of Cottman Avenue and Robbins Street, and south of Grant Avenue. In 1941, the 8th District was moved again, this time to replace the 10th District with boundaries Frankford Creek on the south and Cottman Avenue and Robbins Avenue on the north. Note: the records of the 8th Survey District located within the City Archives pertain to the original 8th Survey District which covered the 21st Ward from 1854 to 1932. All records listed as 8th Survey District records with a date after 1932 are actually 9th Survey District records.

Archival Records
90-8.1 Official Correspondence (1888-1919)

90-8.2 Miscellaneous Correspondence (1884-1912)

90-8.3 Grade Sketches (1886-1933)

90-8.4 Estimate Book (1898-1947)

90-8.5 Bill Book (1885-1937)

90-8.6 Walnut Lane Bridge. Calculation Book (1906-1908)

90-8.7 Papers, Manayunk Railroad Grade Crossing Eliminations (1926-1933)

90-8.8 Reports, Contractors' Work on Manayunk Elevated and Elimination of Chestnut Hill Grade Crossings (1926-1930)

90-8.9 Surveys, Plans and Maps

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