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Procurement, Department of

[Record group 89]
Alternative/Former Names
Supplies, Department of;
Purchasing Agent, Office of the;
Supplies and Purchases, Department of

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Agency Function
The mission of the Procurement Department is to obtain quality, cost-effective goods, services, and construction in a timely and professional manner through a competitive, fair, and socially responsible process in accordance with the law.

The Procurement Department's "Vendor's Guide: How to do Business with the City of Philadelphia" is available here.

Agency History
An Act of April 20, 1903 first established a Department of Supplies and gave it the authority to purchase most of the supplies and services required by the City; these had until that time been purchased by each City agency directly. In 1909 the Department was also empowered to secure bids for the disposal of all City waste materials. From 1920 to 1925 the Department was known as the Office of the Purchasing Agent but its duties remained unchanged until in 1929 its title was changed to the Department of Supplies and Purchases and its range of duties broadened to include the purchase of supplies for the offices of the City Controller and the City Treasurer, and the administration of City supply warehouses. At the adoption of the City Charter of 1951 this Department was replaced by the present Procurement Department whose functions were broadened still further to include printing and publication services for all City offices. While Procurement still does administer the sale of salvageable City property, the disposal of waste paper and records has from 1951 been administered by the Department of Records.

Archival Records
89.1 Department of Supplies. Annual Report (1903-1909, 1913-1915, 1919)

89.2 Purchasing Agent. Annual Reports (1921-1923)

89.3 Department of Supplies and Purchases (1936-1938)

89.4 Annual Reports (1952-1979, 1982, 1984-1986)

89.5 Procedures Manuals (1960, 1963)

89.6 Commodity Code Catalog (1970)

Current Records

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