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Public Health and Charities, Department of

[Record group 81]
Agency Function
This agency has ceased to function. Its powers and duties are performed by the Department of Public Health and the Department of Human Services.

Agency History
Organized by an Act of April 8, 1903 in order to centralize the direction of all of the City's health and charitable agencies. This reorganization transferred to the Department the Bureau of Charities from the Department of Charities and Correction (that Department was abolished and its Bureau of Correction transferred to the Department of Public Safety) and the Board and Bureau of Health from the Department of Public Safety. The Board of Examiners of Plumbers was formed within the Department by an Act of 1911 which required the examination and licensing of plumbers. Under the terms of the City Charter of 1919 the Department was reorganized as the Department of Public Health and its Bureau of Charities transferred to the Department of Public Welfare. The Bureau of Charities' control of City hospitals was retained by the Department of Public Health, however, through its newly-organized Bureau of Hospitals.

Archival Records
81.1 Annual Reports (1903-1913, 1915)

81.8 Medical Inspection of Schools. Annual Reports (1912)

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