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Education, Department of

[Record group 72]
Agency Function
The functions of this department are exercised by the School District of Philadelphia.

Agency History
The Department of Education was established in 1887 under the provisions of the Bullitt Bill of 1885 and an ordinance of 30 December 1886. However, under court rulings the Department of Education was deemed not to be a city department, having been created as a separate Board of Education under an Act of 15 March 1870. An Act of 18 May 1911 created a state-wide public school system. For records and additional history, see Record Group 40.

Archival Records
72.1 Digests of Ordinances and Acts of Assembly (1861, 1888)

72.2 Controller of the Public Schools. Annual Reports (1868)

72.3 School Salaries (1900)

72.4 Photographs (1906-1910)

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