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Correction, Bureau of

[Record group 71]
Agency Function
This agency has ceased to function.

Agency History
The Bureau was created in City's Department of Charities and Correction in 1887 in pursuance of the Bullitt Bill, superseding the Board of Managers of the House of Correction and taking control of the House for that newly-formed department. In 1903, under an ordinance of 20 April, the Bureau of Correction and House of Correction were split from the Bureau of Charities and transferred to the Department of Public Safety, and in 1920, under the provisions of the 1919 Charter, merged back with the Bureau of Charities to form the Bureau of Charities and Correction and placed in the Department of Public Welfare.

Archival Records
71.1 Annual Reports (1907, 1908, 1915, 1919)

71.2 House of Correction. Daily Admissions (1899)

71.3 House of Correction. Register of Inmates in Punishment (1887-1894; missing: September 1888-September 1889, 1891, 1893)

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