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Revenue, Department of

[Record group 70]
Alternative/Former Names
Collections, Department of

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Agency Function
The mission of the Revenue Department is to collect all revenue due to the City and the School District of Philadelphia and to do so promptly, courteously, and in a manner that inspires public confidence in the integrity and fairness of the Department. The Department's goals, in essence, are twofold: the maximization of tax revenue and the provision of good service to the City's taxpayers.

Administrative Subunits
Water Revenue Bureau

Agency History
This agency was established under the terms of the City Charter of 1951 as the central agency for receiving all the monies due the City. It replaced the then-abolished Department of the Receiver of Taxes, assumed the duties of the collection of water and sewer rents from the Water Department, and received jurisdiction of the collection of all license and permit fees the issuance of which was then centralized in the Department of Licenses and Inspections. The Sinking Fund Commission was reestablished in the same year as a departmental board of the Department of Collections (for its composition and duties see Record Group 162) as was the Tax Review Board. An ordinance of September 2, 1975 changed the departmental name to Department of Revenue.

Archival Records
70.1 Annual Reports (1952-1990)

70.2 Tax Review Board. Annual Reports (1956, 1959, 1960, 1963-1967, 1976-1978, 1981)

70.3 Reports and Publications (1954, 1964)

Current Records
70.a Audits / Audit Attendance Log

70.aa Accounting Control / Realty Transfer Tax Reports

70.ab Current Business & Earnings / Tax History Records Current Business & Earnings / Petitions for Waiver Current Business & Earnings / Earning Tax Applications Current Business & Earnings / Nonfiling Legal Cases Current Business & Earnings / Business and Earings Tax Payment Records Current Business & Earnings / Business & Earnings Tax Customer Index

70.ah Current Business & Earnings / Annual Reconciliation Current Business & Earnings / Billing Payment Adjustments

70.aj Current Business & Earnings / Petitions for Waiver

70.ak Current Business & Earnings / Collection Reports

70.b Audits / Audit Index

70.c Technical Advisory Staff / Offers of Compromise Check Authorizations

70.d Technical Advisory Staff / Offers in Compromise Log Book

70.e Automated Collections / Deferred Payment Plans

70.f Delinquent Real Estate / Real Estate Tax Data

70.g Delinquent Real Estate / Account History Cards

70.h Delinquent Real Estate / Sheriff Sales Case Files

70.i Delinquent Real Estate / Installment Plan Files

70.j Self-Assessed Taxes / Payment and Receivable Adjustments

70.k Self-Assessed Taxes / Annual Reconciliation Return

70.l Accounting Control / Bank Documentation

70.m Accounting Control / Personal Property Files

70.n Accounting Control / Tax Settlement Reports

70.o Accounting Control / Monthly Revenue Adjustment Files

70.p Accounting Control / Write-off Reports

70.q Accounting Control / Tax Refund Case Files

70.r Accounting Control / Transaction Postings

70.s Accounting Control / Account Adjustments

70.t Accounting Control / Daily Transaction Register

70.u Accounting Control / Validated Tax Receipts

70.v Accounting Control / Code Violation Billing Records

70.w Accounting Control / Special Tax Records

70.x Accounting Control / Real Estate Adjustment Files

70.y Accounting Control / Non-Taxed Accounts Receivable Files

70.z Accounting Control / Bank Return Items

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