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Agency Function
The primary mission of the Minority Business Enterprise Council (MBEC) is to ensure that the City of Philadelphia's system for contracting for goods and services includes minority, women, disabled, and disadvantaged business enterprises (M/W/DS/DBE, respectively). MBEC creates an environment of inclusion where minorities, women, and disabled business persons are given equal access to business opportunities with the City.

The Minority Business Enterprise Council's major objectives are to increase the number of certified M/W/D - DBEs in underutilized commodities, industries and marketplaces; to increase to number of certified M/W/D - DBE contractors in all markets where City dollars are spent, to increase participation of M/W/DBEs on City contracts to continued interdepartmental and quasi-public agency relations, technical assistance to vendors, and communications with Council and Mayor's Offices; to increase monitoring of contracts to assure compliance with contract terms by prime and sub-contractors; and to identify and breakdown barriers that have prevented minority, women, disabled and disadvantaged businesses from entering the economic mainstream.

Administrative Subunits
Personal and Professional Services Unit (PPS)
Public Works Unit (PW)
Supplies, Services, and Equipment Unit (SS&E)

Agency History
The Minority Business Enterprise Council was established under the provisions of the Mayor's Executive Order 1-93, signed by Mayor Rendell on 15 January 1993 and amended on 3 May 1993. It is an advisory board within the Office of the Director of Finance and consists of between nine and fifteen members, all of whom are appointed by the Mayor to serve at his discretion. The Office of the Director of Finance provides staff support to carry out the objectives of the Council.

Archival Records
The City Archives does not have any records of this division.

Current Records
62-9.a Contract Files

62-9.b Contract Proposal Responses

62-9.c Contractual Statistical Reports

62-9.d MBEC Court Cases

62-9.e MBEC Participation Reports

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