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[Record group 62-8]
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Agency Function
The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication provides for a hearing and determination of all contested parking violations pursuant to the provisions of Section 12-2800 of the Philadelphia Code. In addition dispute resolution services are provided for contested sanitation violations, false alarm infractions, emergency medical services bills, and certain other code violations.

Agency History
The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication was established under the provisions of Mayor's Executive Order 9-92, signed by Mayor Rendell on 20 October 1992. This Order also established a Parking Adjudication Advisory Panel, composed of at least nine members, appointed by the Mayor, to assure the fairness, convenience , and efficiency of the adjudication process for the appeal of parking tickets and to assure that the process is consistent with legislative intent and is coordinated with the City’s overall parking management program. The members of the Panel include two members of City Council, the Chairman of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, the Director of Finance, the Deputy Director of Finance in charge of the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication, and at least four citizens, at least two of whom shall be attorneys.

Under Mayor's Executive Order 4-95, signed by Mayor Rendell on 1 September 1995, the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication became part of the newly-established Office of Administrative Review.

Archival Records
The City Archives does not have any records of this division.

Current Records
62-8.a Hearing Disposition Reports

62-8.b Hearing Schedule Registry

62-8.c Parking Adjudication Files

62-8.d Parking Citation Payment Plans

62-8.e Relaxed Parking Requests

62-8.f Sweep Files

62-8.g Traffic Violation Records

62-8.h Vehicle Towing Files

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