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[Record group 62-7]
Agency Function
The purpose of the Unit was to conduct studies and analyze economic data for use in the formulation of city policies and programs for short and long-term commercial and industrial development and to develop and maintain extensive data on specific urban problems to be used for basic economic analysis and forecasts of the state of the local economy. It was also intended to participate in the Program Planning Budgeting System, proposal writing for federal grants, and the initiation and implementation of special policies and programs.

Agency History
The Economic Development Unit was established in 1966 from a grant made by the Economic Development Administration of the United States Department of Commerce under Title M of the Economic Development Act of 1965. The head of the Unit was the City Economist who formerly was a member of the staff of the Development Coordinator's Office. After 1970, the City Economist duties were transferred to the Business Services Section of the Department of Commerce.

Archival Records
62-7.1 Files (1966-1970)

62-7.2 Reports (1967-1969)

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