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Finance, Office of the Director of / Accounting Bureau

[Record group 62-5]
Agency Function
The Accounting Bureau studies accounting systems, methods and procedures, maintains the centralized accounts of the City and coordinates their departmental maintenance by other agencies, and prepares the City payroll. The Bureau's major objectives include recording all financial activity on the city's general and subsidiary ledgers and report upon that activity through the publication of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the Supplemental Report of Revenues and Obligations, the Annual Report of Bonded Indebtedness, the Schedules of Financial Assistance and other interim financial reports; processing payments to vendors providing goods and services to all city departments and agencies; processing biweekly payrolls and associated fringe benefit payments; providing all city departments, agencies, boards and commissions with daily and monthly status reports of their budgetary activity; and centrally accounting for all grant related activity in accordance with single audit requirements of the United Stated government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Administrative Subunits
Grants Accounting and Administration
General Accounting
Financial Verification
Management and Support

Agency History

Archival Records
62-5.1 Annual Financial Report (1952-1969, FY 1970 - FY 1995)

62-5.2 Monthly, Quarterly & Semi-Annual Financial Reports (1953-1977)

62-5.3 Philadelphia Financial Report (1953-1954, 1957-1962, 1964)

62-5.4 Financial Program (1956-1968, FY 1970, FY 1972)

62-5.5 Financial Information (1958-1966)

62-5.6 Finance Releases (1976-1979)

62-5.7 Supplemental Report of Revenues and Obligations (FY 1977-FY 1995)

62-5.8 Report of Bonded Indebtedness (1957-1962, FY 1974 - FY 1995)

62-5.9 Schedule of Financial Assistance (FY 1986 - FY 1993)

62-5.10 City-Owned Real Property Inventories (1957-1958)

62-5.11 Accounting Manuals (1953-1971)

Current Records

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