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Finance, Office of the Director of / Capital Program Administration

[Record group 62-4]
Agency Function
The objectives of this office include:
  • streamlining implementation of the city's capital improvement projects;
  • centralizing effective management, monitoring and coordination of the Capital Program;
  • facilitating comprehensive government-wide priorities and interagency working relationships;
  • improving the preparation of the annual Capital Program and Budget;
  • improving the administrative processes in the execution of the Capital Budget;
  • developing or improving fiscal and project management information systems;
  • improving long-range fiscal planning of cash flow projections, debt capacity, and budgetary needs; and
  • identifying problems, analyzing fiscal information, and implementing corrective and/or required actions.

Agency History
The Capital Program administrative functions were taken from the Budget Bureau during the Rendell Administration and placed into a separate division.

Archival Records
No holdings

Current Records
62-4.a Budgetary Support Data

62-4.b Capital Allocations

62-4.c Loan Authorizations

62-4.d PICA Encumbrance and Disbursement Records

62-4.e Statement of Account Balances

62-4.f Bonded Debt - Loan Authorizations

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