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Finance, Office of the Director of / Budget Bureau

[Record group 62-3]
Agency Function
The Budget Bureau prepares the operating budget and supervises its execution; superintends the financial operations incident to the capital program, capital budget, and debt administration of the City. Their major objectives include the preparation and oversight of the annual budget; providing periodic projections of the year ends fund balance for the operating funds of the City; updating the forecasts and projections in the City's Five Year Financial Plan; preparing and monitoring legislation affecting appropriation; preparing the Monthly City Manager's Report, a summary of General Fund spending and revenue which provides senior management of the City with a clear and timely summary of the financial condition of the City's General Fund both on a Year-to-date and Full Year basis; reviewing and analyzing City department's requests for spending and hiring; and providing the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority with projections and reports.

Administrative Subunits
Operating Budget Bureau
Capital Program Office

Agency History
Under the Rendell administration the Budget Bureau was divided into the Budget Bureau and the Capital Program Office. Both offices were placed in a new division entitled the Office of Budget and Program Evaluation.

Archival Records
62-3.1 Operating Budget (1953-1969, FY 1970-FY 1992, FY 1994-FY 1995)

62-3.2 Operating Budget, Supporting Detail (1954-1968, FY 1970-FY1997)

62-3.3 Capital Budget Instructions (1956-1962, 1964, 1968, FY 1973, FY 1975-FY 1976)

62-3.4 Operating Budget Instructions (1953-1966, 1968, FY 1972-FY 1973, FY 1976, FY 1979)

62-3.5 Reports & Publications (1953-1954)

62-3.6 City Managers' Reports (1992-)

Current Records
62-3.a Operating Budget / Budget Notification Letters

62-3.b Operating Budget / Final Operating Budget

62-3.c Operating Budget / Personnel Inventory

62-3.d Operating Budget Spending Reports

62-3.e Operating Budget / Statement of Revenues

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