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Finance, Office of the Director of / Grant Accounting and Administration Unit

[Record group 62-12]
Agency Function
The functions of this unit are currently performed by the Accounting Bureau.

Agency History
The Grant Accounting and Administration Unit was established in Fiscal 1985 by Executive Order of the Mayor 12-84. Its task was to centralize grant accounting and administration for the City in preparation for a single audit of all grant funds, and to more efficiently comply with the various federal and state grant regulations and audit requirements. Its objectives included the implementation of a centralized information system for monitoring grant funds, maintaining a city-wide database, preparing grant schedules and Fund reports for the Annual Finance Report, coordinating the resolution of audit findings of federal and state agencies, and preparing and issuing the annual Schedule of Federal Financial Assistance, as audited, for both the City and School District of Philadelphia. In the Rendell Administration, this unit was consolidated with the Accounting Bureau.

Archival Records
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Current Records
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62-12.b General Fund Grant Files

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