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Agency Function
The mission of the Risk Management Division is to reduce the financial impact of claims, lawsuits, and employee injuries to the City; to reduce the corresponding frequency and severity of these events through the application of professional risk management techniques; and to provide a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy.

Administrative Subunits
Risk Management
Directs the division and analyzes city's insurance or other risk exposure issues.
Claims Unit
Manages, settles or closes claim claims against the city prior to litigation.
Employee Disability Programs
Manages injury on duty program for city employees, including C.S. regulation 32, workers' compensation, and service-connected pension disabilities.
Work Safety/Injury Prevention Unit
Improves the work environment for city employees and works toward the prevention of injuries.

Agency History
The Risk Management Division was established within the Office of the Director of Finance on 26 February 1993 under the Mayor's Executive Order of 3-93 of that date, and amended on 27 April 1993, to review and manage all risk exposures citywide. The physical creation of the unit occurred on 1 July 1993. The Risk Management Advisory Committee consists of the Director of Finance, the Managing Director, the City Solicitor, the Personnel Director, the Deputy Director of Finance for Budgetary and Fiscal Policy, and three members designated by the Mayor. This committee is empowered to assure that the City's risk management decisions reflect the concerns of all areas of government, and to promote th consistent implementation of risk management programs throughout the government.

Archival Records
The City Archives does not possess any records of the Risk Management Unit.

Current Records
62-10.a Certificates of Insurance

62-10.b Claim Cases

62-10.c Exposure Monitoring Reports

62-10.d Hazardous Materials Investigative Reports

62-10.e Liability Insurance Policies

62-10.f Medical Payment Vouchers

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