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[Record group 61-7]
Agency Function
The purpose of the Commission is to prevent and control juvenile delinquency and neglect, to protect, safeguard and improve the physical, mental, emotional and moral welfare of all the youth of the City by strengthening and improving home, family and community living conditions through the initiation of new programs and facilities and synthesizing and coordinating all existing programs and facilities within the area of youth services.

Agency History
On 5 September 1973, Mayor Rizzo approved a Council ordinance instructing the City Solicitor to establish a non-profit corporation entitled the Youth Services Coordinating Commission. The Commission was composed of thirty-one members, the membership of which was detailed in the ordinance. It included the Mayor, President of City Council, Administrative Judge of the Family Court Division, District Attorney, Police Commissioner, President of the School District, Director of the Defenders Association, the Southeastern Regional Director of the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, the Director of the Mayor s Criminal Justice Improvement Team, the Commissioner of Public Welfare, the Chairman of the Philadelphia Regional Planning Council, 10 members appointed by the district Councilmen of City Council, and ten selected by a Community Selection Committee. The Commission had the following responsibilities: serving as an intake, screening and referral agency in the juvenile field, principally for non-arrest cases; serving as a planning agency for youth services; establishing a research and evaluation center for the purpose of collecting and evaluating statistical data and information related to youth; and developing a model program for control and elimination of juvenile delinquency.

Mayor Rizzo approved a second ordinance on 26 October 1979 which dissolved the corporate structure of the Youth Services Coordinating Commission and replaced it with a new independent Youth Services Coordinating Commission, and a Youth Services Coordinating Office under the supervision of the Managing Director.

Archival Records
61-7.1 Annual Reports (1981, 1982, 1984)

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