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Managing Director, Office of the / Municipal Medical Dispensary

[Record group 61-4]
Agency Function
The Municipal Medical Dispensary, which is attached to the Office of the Managing Director provides certain medical services for employees of city agencies and departments. Physicians of the dispensary aid in the personnel selection process by performing pre-employment physical examinations for all city employment, and physical examinations of city employees who are candidates for promotion. Moreover, they examine city employees after extended illness or injury and determine disability for leave status in accordance with the provisions of pertinent personnel regulations.

Physicians also provide emergency first aid for city employees in center city offices and for persons visiting those offices.

Agency History
The Municipal Medical Dispensary traces its origin to the police surgeons attached to the Bureau of Police. During a reorganization of the Police department in 1924, it was erected into a separate Medical Division of the Department of Public Safety. It became attached to the Office of the Managing Director in 1952 under the reorganization of city government following the adoption of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter. The Municipal Medical Dispensary was merged with the District Health operations of the Department of Public Health in 1985.

Archival Records
61-4.1 Municipal Medical Dispensary. Annual Reports (1969)

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