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[Record group 61-1]
Agency Function
The Managing Director, appointed by the Mayor, is the Mayor's personal assistant and has under his charge the departments of the City rendering municipal services to the people of the City. The Managing Director has the duty of supervising these departments and their related boards and commissions. He appoints, with the approval of the Mayor, the heads of all such departments. The MDO is responsible for reviewing new proposals for improving City operations.

The departments under the Managing Director's jurisdiction are Police, Health, Human Services, Fire, Streets, Recreation, Water, Public Property, Licenses and Inspections, and Records.

Agency History
The Office of the Managing Director was created under the Philadelphia City Charter of 1951. The Managing Director is appointed by the Mayor to a four-year term and is a member of his cabinet, the Administrative Board, the City Planning Commission, and the Board of Pensions and Retirement. With the Mayor's approval he appoints the Commissioners of the Departments of Police, Health, Fire, Streets, Recreation, Human Services, Water, Public Property, Licenses and Inspections, and Records; exercises supervision over the activities of their departments; and acts as the contact office between them and the Mayor. He is also charged with holding periodic meetings with these department heads and reporting to the Mayor on those proceedings and on any other aspect of the affairs of City government.

Archival Records
61-1.1 Managing Director. Annual Reports (1952-1962, 1965-1969, 1973-1977)

Current Records

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