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Commissioners of Roads of Southwark, Moyamensing, and Passyunk

[Record group 42]
Agency Function

Agency History
A five member board created by an Act of September 29, 1787 and empowered to prepare a comprehensive plan of all streets within the District of Southwark that would eventually be necessary to be opened to provide for the orderly development of the District. They were also instructed to lay out roads from the District through the neighboring townships of Moyamensing and Passyunk to the Lower (Gray's) Ferry and the State Island (Penrose's) Ferry. These Commissioners existed at the same time with, and separate from, the normallyelected regulators and supervisors of roads of the District and the townships. The project was completed and the Commission disbanded by 1790. Its final report is recorded in Philadelphia County's Recorder of Deeds Letter of Attorney Book I, p. 498 and in the Quarter Sessions Court Road Docket Book I, pp. 58-65.

Archival Records
42.1 Map of Southwark, Moyamensing & Passyunk (1788)

42.2 Map of the District of Southwark (1788)

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