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House of Correction, Managers of the

[Record group 39]
Agency Function

Agency History
Although provided for by Acts of Assembly of 1855 and 1868 the Board of Managers of the House of Correction was not organized until 1871 when they were given corporate status by the Assembly, and the House did not open officially until January, 1874. The Managers, appointed by City Councils, were required to accept into the House all vagrants, habitual drunkards, street walkers, disorderly persons or able-bodied paupers, adult or minor, committed by the Court of Quarter Sessions or any committing magistrate, by the Managers themselves, or by the Inspectors of the County Prison or the Guardians of the Poor. The House was established chiefly to relieve the latter two bodies of the burden of maintaining such prisoners. Under the provisions of the Bullitt Bill the Board of Managers was abolished in 1887 and the House of Correction placed in the charge of the Bureau of Correction of the then-established Department of Charities and Correction, whose Bureau of Charities assumed the functions of the Guardians of the Poor. For similar records series of later date than those listed below see the Bureau of Correction.

Archival Records
39.1 Minutes (1875-1876)

39.2 Description Docket (1874-1875)

39.3 Committment Papers (1874-1875)

39.4 "Index Book A" (1876)

39.5 Captain of Guards, Daily Record (January - March 1880)

39.6 Inmates in Punishment, Register (1886-1887)

39.7 Daily Admissions (1877, 1879)

39.8 Scrapbook (1875-1885)

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