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Traffic Court (Philadelphia)

[Record group 29]
Agency Function
Traffic Court's primary function is to adjudicate traffic violations. An ancillary function is the collection and remittance to the City and State of fines and costs resulting from adjudicating traffic violations. The purpose of these functions is to promote public consciousness regarding traffic safety. The Traffic Court has six judges elected by the public for six-year terms. One of these judges is appointed by the Governor to the position of President Judge and is responsible for the day to day administration of the court's activities.

Agency History
The Philadelphia Traffic Court is authorized and established under Article V, Sections 1 and 6(c) of the Constitution of Pennsylvania - as amended in 1968, and under Section 301 (42 Pa.C.S. '301) and Section 1321 (42 Pa.C.S. '1321) of the Judicial Code. Section 1302 of the Judicial Code, 42 Pa.C.S. 1302, grants the court exclusive jurisdiction in all prosecutions for summary offenses arising under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, and any related City Ordinance, committed within the limits of the City. The current Traffic Court replaced an earlier Traffic Court and the Board of Magistrates, both of which were abolished under the 1968 amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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