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First Judicial District of Pennsylvania

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Agency Function
The First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (FJDP) is composed of the three judiciaries that together make up the Philadelphia Court System: the Court of Common Pleas, the Municipal Court, and Traffic Court.

FJDP is not a City department; rather, it is ultimately under the direction and control of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and exists as an administrative entity separate from City government. Accordingly, the City has no direct authority to manage, control expenses, or set budgetary levels within the judicial system, despite its current obligation to fund the majority of FJDP's operating expenses.

Administrative Subunits
Court of Common Pleas

Municipal Court

Traffic Court

Agency History
The court system in Philadelphia originates from various Commonwealth of Pennsylvania laws. Common Pleas and Municipal Courts were established by the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1968 and Judiciary Act of 1976. Philadelphia Traffic Court is authorized and established under Article V, Sections 1 and 6(c) of the Constitution of Pennsylvania - as amended in 1968, and under Section 301 (42 Pa. C.S. '301) and Section 1321 (42 Pa. C.S. '1321) of the Judicial Code. These Courts are part of the state's unified judicial system and comprise Pennsylvania's First Judicial District.

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