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Registration Commission

[Record group 8]
Agency Function

Agency History
Prior to 1906 the function of ascertaining qualified electors was performed by elective Inspectors, Judges, and Clerks of Elections who acted at different times under the supervision of, or in association with, the Sheriff, Coroner, constables, the Court of Common Pleas, and the City and County Commissioners. An Act of February 17 of that year created a board of four Registration Commissioners appointed by the Governor to three year terms (extended to four years in 1919) and empowered to appoint registrars for each election district to compile and keep current the list of eligible voters. The Act of March 30, 1937, which instituted the present system of permanent registration, left the organization of the Commission unchanged. By an ordinance of March 12, 1965 the Registration Commission was abolished and its functions transferred to the City Commissioners.

Archival Records
8.1 Annual Reports

8.2 Files (1937-1938)

8.3 Voter Residence Check Lists (1964)

8.4 Street Lists (Spring 1928, wards 119; Fall 1928, wards 20 48; Fall 1929, wards 1-34; Fall 1934, wards 1-50; SpringFall 1948; Fall 1949-Spring 1963; Fall 1963, wards 1-21, 31-60; Spring 1964-Fall 1971.)

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