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Agency Function

Agency History
This office was established by William Penn's Frame of Government of 1682 according to which the electors of each county were to choose two candidates one of whom would be appointed to office by the Governor. The office was made completely elective in 1838 and its term increased from one to three years. In 1909 it was increased to four years, and in 1912 the County Morgue was transferred to its control from the Bureau of City Property. The office of the Coroner was abolished in 1953 in pursuance of the City Charter of 1951 and its duties in regard to the investigation of sudden, mysterious or violent deaths were distributed among the offices of the District Attorney, the Prothonotary of the Common Pleas Court, and, chiefly, the Office of the Medical Examiner then established in the Department of Public Health.

Archival Records
4.0 Annual Reports (1881-1888)

4.1 Case Records (1854-1857, 1878-1880, 1885-1886, 1906)

4.2 Evidence Book (1877-1878)

4.3 Interments, Potters Field (1914-1942)

4.4 Instructions & Information for the Guidance of Hospital Staff appertaining to Coroner's Cases (June 1953)

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