WHEREAS, Significant changes in our society have resulted in the creation of diverse living arrangements and family relationships;

WHEREAS, While all stable families contribute to the economic and psychological well-being of the community, non-traditional families, or domestic partnerships as many have come to be known, lack the support and benefits provided to traditional families;

WHEREAS, The City of Philadelphia has consistently recognized the importance of equality of treatment for all of its citizens. In particular, the Fair Practices Ordinance prohibits discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and employment on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, or handicap; and

WHEREAS, It is within the Mayor's power to provide by Executive Order for the equality of treatment with respect to leave and benefits of exempt employees of the Executive and Administrative branch who are members of domestic partnerships;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edward G. Rendell, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, by the power vested in me under the Home Rule Charter of the City of Philadelphia, do hereby order and declare as follows:


a. "Exempt Employee." An employee of an agency within the Executive/Administrative branch of City government who is exempt from civil service.

b. "Domestic Partner." A member of a Domestic Partnership.

c. "Domestic Partnership."

i. For purposes of leave and benefits other than health care benefits, a "Domestic Partnership" is:

A committed relationship between two individuals of the same gender, and who:

(1) are at least 18 years old and competent to contract;

(2) are not related to the other domestic partner by blood in any way which would prohibit marriage in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

(3) are the sole domestic partner of the other person;

(4) have not been a member of a different domestic partnership for the past six months (unless the prior domestic partnership ended as a result of the death or marriage of one of the domestic partners);

(5) agree to share the common necessities of life and to be responsible for each other's welfare;

(6) share at least one residence with the other domestic partner;

(7) agree to notify the City of any change in the status of the Domestic Partnership; and

(8) file a statement with the Personnel Director in the form and manner required by the Administrative Board, including such evidence of compliance with (1) through (8) as the Administrative Board may require.

ii. For purposes of health care benefits, a "Domestic Partnership" is defined by the employee's health care provider, and the employee must meet the eligibility and proof of interdependence requirements of that provider.


a. The Administrative Board shall promptly take whatever action is reasonably necessary to provide that the Domestic Partner of an Exempt Employee shall be entitled to the same health and leave benefits as a spouse of an Exempt Employee. Such action shall be made effective immediately upon its adoption, except that with respect to health care benefits, such action shall not be effective until all City health care providers have obtained all necessary regulatory approvals.

b. The Personnel Director is hereby requested to prepare and submit for approval of the Civil Service Commission and, if required, the Administrative Board, amendments to applicable Civil Service Regulations that will entitle the Domestic Partner of a non-represented civil service employee to the same leave benefits as a spouse of a nonrepresented civil service employee.


This Order shall be effective immediately.

Date: 7 June 1996

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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