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Division of Air Pollution Control; Division of Air Management Services

[Record Group 80-9]

80-9.1 Annual Report
1959, 1960
2 volumes
For other Annual reports, Division of Air Pollution, 1948, see Record Series 80.5b
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.2 Files
4 cu.ft., no index
Includes Air Pollution Control Board meeting agenda and minutes and Annual Reports, and Air Pollution Control Section's monthly and annual reports; materials on state, federal, and city air pollution legislation; correspondence with General Assembly and Board Statements before Assembly; Correspondence with City's Law Department, and City Solicitor's legal opinions; materials concerning court cases of pollution violations; Air Pollution Control Programs, regulations, proposals, revisions; permit reports; air sampling and gas monitoring programs, diffusion studies; reports re overall air pollution problem in Philadelphia and specific types of air pollution (e.g., industries by type, and specific firms); hearing and other materials concerning incinerators, dumps, scrap yards, smoke and fume and open burning violations; motor vehicle (automobile, buses, trucks; gasoline and diesel) air pollution, and appeals from violators to Air Pollution Control Board; correspondence with air pollution control agencies in New York City and Los Angeles; materials concerning Air Pollution Control section personnel.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.3 Reports & Publications
1954, 1971-1974
5 volumes, index
Includes: Licensing Manual:Instructions for Submitting Air Pollution Operating Licenses, March 4, 1971; "City of Philadelphia, Area-Intensity-Sulfur Oxides (By Sulfation Rate)", 1974, an outline plan of the City showing milligrams of So3/100 sq. cm./day; Emissions Inventory and Air Quality Data Report to The Air Pollution Control Board, October 1977; Enforcement Procedures, n.d..
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.4 Housing and Neighborhood Evaluation Program. Opinion Attitude Questionnaire.
ca. 1955-1959
24 cu.ft., no index
Entries include unit serial number, address, district and block numbers, floor and part of floor of building, unit number, whether vacant or apparent conversion, neighborhood name and what are considered its boundaries, number of years at present address and in neighborhood, last address, indication if most friends are in neighborhood and if most people in neighborhood know one another, liking of neighborhood, improvements needed, and like, dislike of or improvement needed for the following: personal factors (own property, relatives, friends, race, religion, or ethnic group); community facilities (church, schools, parks, playgrounds, community center, health services, crime prevention, fire prevention, rubbish-garbage collection, housing, parking, transportation, work, streets, trees, lot sizes, density); blighting factors (industry, commerce, business dirt and litter, smoke, dust, odors, noise, street traffic, taprooms, and general neglect; if dust or odors noticed, how severe and how frequently; where shopping for food and for commodities is done; preference of neighborhood, if given choice, indication if attempt made to buy or rent in another neighborhood, and, if unsuccessful, why, preference for purchase or rental, maximum rent payable, and remarks. Questionnaires only for the following wards: 13, 14, 20, 22, 30, 31, 34, 40, and 44.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.5 Housing and Neighborhood Evaluation Program. Dwelling Unite and Structure Schedules.
24 cu.ft., no index
For wards 13, 14, 20, 22, 30, 31, 34, 40, 44 only.
Both schedules include unit serial number, address, district, block and structure number. The Structure Schedule adds owner's or agent's name; availability for occupancy; number-of dwelling, rooming or business units available and number vacant; number of stories and number non-resident; construction material of exterior walls; structure type (attached, detached or semidetached); number of toilets and baths; indication whether there is living unit in cellar or basement; location of main access (street, rear yard, alley); source of water supply and sewer connection (public, private, none); daylight obstruction (number of windows in this structure, and height in stories, distance in feet, and horizontal obstruction of adjacent structures), location; freedom from obstruction, clear egress to ground level, and fireproof construction of stairs and fire escapes; condition of public hall lighting; degree of deterioation of stairs, condition of public hall or porch floors, public hall walls and ceiling, and outside walls and stairs; degree of infestation by rats or other vermin; adequacy of yard drainage; deficiency of refuse containers, accumulation of garbage or refuse; condition of basement, remarks and signature of inspector and date inspected.
Dwelling Unit Schedule adds floor and part of floor where unit located, unit number, whether vacant or apparent conversion; kitchen, toilet and bath facilities (including their types, location and degree of sharing), whether bathroom includes outside duct and artifical light, water supply, washing facilities, whether there is electric lighting and central heating; room facilities (total rooms in unit, whether kitchen, living room, dining room are included, number of bedrooms, bed capacity, whether heater, closet or window are lacking, degree of deterioration of walls, floors, or windows); reported infestation of rats or vermin; sanitation problems; size of household (numbers of occupants: total, number of lodgers and of basic families); race of household; type of tenure, amount of rent, and age; religion; monthly income; and number of major and minor accidents divided into categories for males and females. Maps included with the structure schedules indicate structure numbers. An additional form "Specific Location and Type and Degree of Deterioration" is often found these schedules which abstracts data relative to deterioration from them.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.6 Housing and Neighborhood Evaluation Program. Appraisal Forms
ca. 1955-1959
24 cu.ft., no index
Includes.the following forms: Dwelling Unit Appraisal; Structure Appraisal Sheet; and Unit Appraisal Form. The Dwelling Unit Appraisal Sheet and Structure Appraisal Sheet seem to be work sheets from which data is transferred to the Unit Appraisal Form. Entries list block serial number, address, district number (i.e. ward and census tract), block number, owner or agent, number of dwelling, rooming or business units, number of stories, structure, number of toilets and baths, floor and part of floor on which unit located, unit number, number of rooms in unit, number of occupants, their race, and number of veterans and lodgers, type of occupant (tenant, owner, building employee, or vacant), amount of rent, monthly income, date, inspector's name, and the appraisal in terms of the following deficiency items. facilities (structure, water supply, sewer connection, daylight obstruction, stairs and fire escapes, lighting, kitchen, bath, toilet, washing facilities, heating, windows, closets, rooms of substandard area); Maintenance (toilet condition, deterioration, infestation, sanitation, basement condition); occupancy (room crowding, area crowding, or doubling of basic families), and subtotal and total scores for each category. Appraisals made only for wards 13, 14, 20, 22, 30, 31, 34, 40, 44. All forms not included for each ward.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
80-9.7 Housing and Neighborhood Evaluation Program. Environmental Survey
1 cu.ft., no index
Includes block maps and tracings, field maps, and reports and the forms, Environmental Survey: Abridged Block Schedules A, B. C, Abridged Nuisance Schedule, and Block Appraisal Form. Each form includes the following entries ward and census tract number; block number; and names of streets bordering block. Additional information appearing on the forms is as follows :
Abridged Block Schedule A, block dimensions and area, area of block covered by structures, average height of structures in stories, nonresidential land use, linear incidence (percent frontage in nonresident use), residential yard areas (number of premises that are resident and nonresident, resident premises lacking minimum unbuilt area, number of resident structures, average unit per structure), street traffic (residential, commercial service, minor and major traffic, trolley cars), specific residential nuisances and hazards and to what degree (noise and vibration, objectionable odors, fire or explosion, localized smoke, glare at night, dilapidated structure or insanitary vacant lots;
Abridged Block Schedule B, character of railroad line or yard, its physical type, and distance from block, whether there is a sanitary sewer system and public water supply, distance from elementary schools and public parks, and major traffic crossway;
Block Schedule C, measure of hazards to morals and public peace and of smoke incidence;
Abridged Nuisance Schedule, sources of nuisances emanating from or hazards present in premises (noise or vibrations, objectionable odors, fire or explosion, rodents or vermin, localized smoke or dust, and dilapidated structure or insantary vacant lot and suspected source of nuisance);
Block Appraisal Form which includes all the items listed in the other forms. Each form measures items listed on it in terms of "penalty Scores".
The Environmental Survey only includes wards 22 (Germantown), 34 and 44 (Haddington), and ward 40.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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