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Neighborhood Advisory Committee

[Record Group 60-17-2]

60-17-2.1 Neighborhood Advisory Committee/Project Area Committee Correspondence
5 cu.ft.,
This record series includes file folders for each neighborhood advisory committee/project area committee. The contents of a typical file folder include the by-laws and/or articles of incorporation of the NAC/PAC, contracts between the NAC/PAC and the City of Philadelphia; monthly reports from the NAC/PAC which include agendas of meetings, meeting attendance sheets, minutes of general membership meetings, and minutes of executive board meetings, and directors' and treasurer's monthly reports; budget data, audits of the NAC/PAC, information pertaining to the election of the NAC/PAC executive board, service area implementation reports, equipment inventories, community publications, program status reports, NAC/PAC board resolutions, housing development and home improvement reports, vacant house surveys, lists of persons receiving home improvement grants, lists of available delinquent properties, monitoring reports, results of lotteries for the Home Maintenance Program relocation, proposals for historical surveys of NAC/PAC areas, status reports on community development; and correspondence pertaining to the following topics: acquisition and rehabilitation of redevelopment properties, site improvement projects, the tax status of committees, consultant services, property dispositions, the 3 P's Program (Public Private Participation - a program designed to help property owners rehabilitate vacant houses), noncompliance with NAC/PAC contracts, tree planting and repairs of curbs and pavements, NAC/PAC boundaries, establishment of historic districts, vest pocket recreation centers, Operation RUB (Remove Urban Blight - a program to convey vacant houses to low and moderate income families), removal of lead-based paint, and zoning.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Neighborhood Advisory Committee [60-17-2]
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