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[Record group 80-1]
Agency Function
The major objectives of the Administration Unit of the Department of Public Health, as outlined in the Fiscal 1997 Budget are to provide leadership and policy direction for Health Department programs and operations; to develop an improved professional service attitude; to provide an affirmative action program and to assure client-oriented cooperation between Health Department personnel and other health and human services providers.
It also seeks to properly manage all Federal, State, Quasi-fovernmental, and City funding in the operation of Health Department programs; to provide computer support services to Health Department program; to provide medical examinations to City Departments and Agencies for employment and pre-employment purpose; to perform all periodic and mandatory physical examinations for uniformed employes; administer urine screening program; develop and manage an Employee Asbestos Screening Program; to provide Personnel services and support for all Health Department programs, as well as Training Services for all Health Department employees; to provide logistical support for all Health Department programs including building maintenance, renovation of existing facilities, and construction of new facilities; to promote good health, decrease morbidity and mortality from the leading preventable causes of ill health and chronic disability; and to develop opportunities for the advancement of health promotion in a liaison role with community-base organizations and coalitions, churches, schools, city sponsored and private social agencies.

Agency History

Archival Records
80-1.1 Office of the Director of Public Health. Annual Report (1947-1950)

80-1.2 Commissioner's Files (1967-1976)

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