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Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Place Names, Q-Z

The majority of the names from this list are taken from Philadelphia Almanac and Citizens' Manual which was edited by Kenneth Finkel and published by the Library Company of Philadelphia in 1994 and 1995. It has been augmented by the staff of the Philadelphia City Archives.

(R.D.A.) = Redevelopment Area.
NeighborhoodLocationDate(s) of
Queen Lane ManorVicinity of the campus of William Penn Charter School.
Queen VillageBelow South Street, along Delaware River to the vicinity of 8th and Carpenter Streets. 1970s
RamcatSee Schuylkill.
RhawnhurstAt Rhawn Street and Bustleton Avenue, north of Cottman Avenue, west of Roosevelt Boulevard. Named for George and William Rhawn by real estate developers. 1924
RichmondOn Delaware River, south of Frankford Creek, east of Kensington and Frankford Avenue.1843
Risdon's FerryVicinity of Torresdale on Delaware River. Named for John Risdon, whose ferry ran from foot of Fitler Street.
Rising SunAlso known as Sunville. East of Temple University Hospital. Named for a tavern located at Germantown Avenue and Old York Road.1843-1899
RittenhouseSouthwest quarter of Center City, in the vicinity of Rittenhouse Square. 1970s
Rittenhouse-Germantown (R.D.A.)Bounded by Germantown Avenue, Chelten Avenue, SEPTA's R8 railroad line, and Rittenhouse Street1952-1963
Rittenhouse TownAlso known as Rittenhousetown or Rittenhouse. Located within present bounds of Fairmount Park near intersection of Lincoln Drive and Wissahickon Avenue. Site of first paper mill in America in the 1690s.1970s
River ParkVicinity of Schuylkill River, near City Avenue, adjacent to Fairmount Park.1980
RockdaleAlso known as Princeton Station. Last place in Philadelphia along Schuylkill River, just before Miquon. Located along River Road.
RockvilleAlso known as Rocky Hill. Northwest of Cedar Hill Cemetery, in the vicinity of Oxford Circle. 1843-1899
RosehillVicinity of C Street and Indiana Avenue.
Rose of BathSee Bath Town.
RosevilleOn Frankford Avenue just below Frankford Creek. Renamed Doverville in 1845. 1843
RowlandvilleVicinity of Tacony Creek and Wyoming Avenue. Named for the Benjamin Rowland shovel factory located on Tacony Creek.19th century
RoxboroughAlso known as Rocksborrow and Roxborro. Located between the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek above Manayunk.1706
RyersNorth of Cottman Avenue at the border with Montgomery County. Centered around Ryers Mansion, also known as Burholme Mansion.1980
Saint Martin'sWestern Chestnut Hill, in the vicinity of St. Martin's Lane and Willow Grove Avenue. Earlier name was Wissahickon Heights.1880s
SandifordBetween Fox Chase and Holmesburg, on Bustleton Avenue.1855-1910
Sandy HillAlong Bustleton and Smithfield turnpike, north of River Road.1843
Saunders ParkVicinity of 40th Street, Lancaster to Powelton Avenues.1980s
Saw Dust VillageOn a hill south of the present site of Central High School.
SchuylkillEast of Schuylkill River, from Christian Street to Grays Ferry Avenue, to 23rd Street, to about Pine Street.1970s
Schuylkill River Park (R.D.A.)Bounded by Arch Street, 23rd Street, Chestnut Street, 22nd Street, Walnut Street, 23rd Street, South Street and Schuylkill River1964
ShackamaxonAlso known as Shackaemuxen. Known by the Swedes (40 years before the English arrival) by this Native term meaning "place of eels," but considered to mean "meeting place of chiefs." 17th century
ShantytownAlong Parkside (then Elm) Avenue from 41st to 44th Streets until destroyed by a fire.Mid-19th century
SharswoodEast of Brewerytown, in the vicinity of Girard College. 1970s
ShawmontAlong Schuylkill River, beyond Manayunk. 1980s
SherwoodAt Baltimore Avenue between 50th and 56th Streets.1990
SmearsburgVicinity of Manheim and Wister Streets in Germantown.1890s
SmithfieldAlso known as Smithville. See Somerton.
Smoky HollowLocated in the vicinity of Rising Sun Avenue and Wingohocking Street, near Greenmount Cemetery.
Society HillWalnut Street to Pine Street, Delaware River to 7th Street. Southerly portion of original settlement - named for tract given to the Free Society of Traders by William Penn in 1685.
SomertonAlso known as Smithfield, Smithville and Pleasantville. Vicinity surrounding intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Byberry Road.1720
SomervilleAlso known as Irishtown. Church Lane and Limekiln Pike. Located in the vicinity of Goat Hill and Fenian Hill.1888-1910
SommerhausenAlso known as Somerhausen and Summerhausen. Southeasterly half of Chestnut Hill between Rex Avenue and Mermaid Lane. One of the original four divisions of Germantown Township. Named for the birthplace of Francis Daniel Pastorius, one of the principal founders of Germantown. 1689
Southbrook ParkVicinity of 28th Street, New Hope Street and Vare Avenue. 1980s
South Central (R.D.A.)Bounded by Washington Avenue, Grays Ferry Avenue, Peltz Street, Schuylkill River, South Street, 27th Street, Lombard Street, 13th Street, South Street, 7th Street, Lombard Street, and the Delaware River1968
Southeast Central (R.D.A.)Bounded by Lombard Street, Delaware River, Washington Avenue and Broad Street. Amended in 1963 by changing northern boundary to South Street1948-1968
South PhiladelphiaSouth of South Street, between Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.
SouthwarkWest of Pennsport from Mifflin Street to Washington Avenue, 4th to 8th Streets. 1762
Southwest Center CityFrom Lombard Street to Oregon Avenue, Broad Street to Schuylkill River. 1976
Southwest Central (R.D.A.)Bounded by Pine Street, Broad Street, Washington Avenue, Grays Ferry Avenue, 34th Street and Schuylkill River. Enlarged to include Grays Ferry Avenue, Washington Avenue, 24th, Oakford, Taylor, Morris, 29th, Tasker, and 31st Streets, and the rear property lines of Tasker, 32nd, and Tasker Streets, and 34th Street, Reed Street, the Schuylkill River and 34th Street1950-1968
Southwest PhiladelphiaSchuylkill River west to the city limits, below Baltimore Avenue.
Southwest SchuylkillAbove Elmwood, along Schuylkill River, in the vicinity of SEPTA's R3 railroad tracks.
Spring BrookNortheast of Frankford and Cottman Avenues1855
Springettsbury ManorFrom Vine Street to Willow Street, Delaware to Schuylkill Rivers. One of the original manors laid out for William Penn's use and named for his first wife, Gulielma Springett.
Spring GardenNorth of Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Fairmount Avenue, Broad Street to Schuylkill River. 1813
Spruce HillWest of University of Pennsylvania, Locust Street to Woodlands Cemetery, to the vicinity of 46th Street.
Squirrel HillFrom Kingsessing Avenue to Windsor Avenue in the vicinity of 46th Street.
StanboroughVicinity of Frankford Avenue and Clearfield Street.
StantonBetween Strawberry Mansion and Broad Street. 1970s
SteinbergVillage along Frankford Road, laid out by Robert Brook and G. W. Steinhauer.1815
StentonBetween West Oak Lane and Ivy Hill, Mount Airy to Montgomery County. 1946
Stewards GlennEast of Normandy, west of Academy Road.1980s
Stonehouse LaneSouth of 5th and Ritner Streets. 1920
Strawberry MansionEast side of Schuylkill River and Fairmount Park, at 33rd and Diamond Streets. Named for 18th century mansion.early 20th century
Strawberry Mansion (R.D.A.)Bounded by Lehigh Avenue, 29th Street, York Street, Amtrak, 33rd Street and Ridge Avenue1962-1968
SummerdaleEast of Crescentville, between Roosevelt Boulevard, Langdon Street, and Oxford Avenue.1970s
SunnycliffAlso known as Hatshop Hill. Along Green Lane in Manayunk. before 1930
SunvilleSee Rising Sun.
SwampoodleJunction of three railroad lines in the vicinity of Lehigh Avenue and 22nd Streets.before 1926
TaborSite of Einstein Hospital. Named for biblical Mount Tabor.1870s
TaconyOn Delaware River west to Frankford Avenue, between Holmesburg and Wissinoming. Early Swedish records spell it Taokanick, a Native word for "forest" or "wilderness."1677
TaneyFrom Pine to Bainbridge Streets, 25th Street west to Schuylkill River.1980s
Tenderloinname given to area around 9th & Race by police & media where many flophouses were located1940s-1960s
Temple (R.D.A.)Bounded by Susquehanna Avenue, 5th Street, Girard Avenue and Broad Street, enlarged to include Broad Street, 16th Street, Columbia (Cecil B. Moore) Avenue and Susquehanna Avenue, and also 5th Street, Germantown Avenue and Girard Avenue.1948-1968
Terrapin Town.See Pleasantville.
TexasLocated in the vicinity of Swampoodle.1840s
ThayersvilleLocated in the vicinity of Haddington.
TiogaNorth of Allegheny Avenue at Broad Street, in the vicinity of Tioga Street. 1854
TorresdaleAlso known as Torrisdale. Located along the Delaware River between Holmesburg and Bucks County. Named by Charles Macalester for his Scotland home.1850
TortlebergSee Pleasantville.
Triangle (R.D.A.)Bounded by Spring Garden Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, 20th Street, Vine Street, 18th Street, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, West Penn Square, Market Street, and the Schuylkill River1948-1963
UbervilleVicinity of Ridge Avenue, near Oxford Street.
UdoraviaSee Manayunk.
UnionvilleVillage north of Feltonville.1860s
University (R.D.A.)Bounded by Market Street, Schuylkill River, South Street, Spruce Street, Woodland Avenue and 42nd Street. Enlarged 1962 - new boundaries were 44th Street, Baltimore Avenue, 43rd Street, Schuylkill River, Spring Garden Street, 31st Street and Powelton Avenue1948-1963
University CityThe area between 38th and 40th Streets in the vicinity of the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.1970s
University City Core (R.D.A.)Bounded by Powelton Avenue, 38th Street, Lancaster Avenue, Powelton Avenue, 32nd Street, John F. Kennedy Boulevard, 32nd Street, Walnut Street, 33rd Street, Spruce Street, 294 feet west of 40th Street, Irving Street, 350 feet west of 40th Street, Locust Street, 376 feet west of 40th Street, Chancellor Street, 200 feet west of 40th Street, Walnut Street, and 40th Street.1966
Upper HolmesburgDelaware River and Pennypack Creek, Frankford Avenue to Willits Road.1976
Upper RoxboroughNorthwest of Roxborough, southeast of Andorra.1970s
VerreevilleAlso known of Verree's Mills. Northeast of Fox Chase in Bustleton. Named for John P. Verree, politician and mill owner.1843-1910
Ville HartwellRex Avenue in the vicinity of Wissahickon Creek.1855
VineyardSee Francisville.
Volunteer TownAlso known as Volunteertown. Located between Frankford and Fox Chase. Named for a tavern.1843-1899
Walnut Forty-Two (R.D.A.)Bounded by 41st, Locust, 43rd and Sansom Streets1967-1968
Walnut HillMarket to Locust Streets, 46th to 52nd Streets.1980s
Washington SquareWest of Society Hill from Market to South Streets.1970s
Washington Square WestLocated between 8th and Broad Streets in Center City, south of Market Street. 1970s
WeccacoeAlso known as Wicaco or Wichacomoca. Eastern half of South Philadelphia, originally a Native village. Name means "dwelling place."18th century
West EndVicinity of 61st Street and Larchwood Avenue.1888-1895
West FallsSee Whitestown.
West KensingtonAlso known as Coopersville. Vicinity of Amtrak roadbed along American Street, between Front and 3rd Streets.(1861-1970
WestminsterNorth of 52nd Street and Westminster Avenue.
West Mount AiryNorth of Wissahickon Creek, east of Cresheim Creek, south of Germantown Avenue.1970s
West Oak LaneStenton Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue, Broad Street towards Ivy Hill. Named by real estate developers.1925
West ParkBelow River Park, near Belmont Reservoir, adjacent to Fairmount Park.1980s
West PhiladelphiaThe part of Philadelphia located west of Schuylkill Avenue and north of Baltimore Avenue.
West Philadelphia (R.D.A)Bounded by Girard Avenue, Parkside Avenue, Columbia Avenue, SEPTA's R6 railroad line, CONRAIL, 59th Street, Columbia Avenue, Lebanon Avenue, Cobbs Creek Park, SEPTA's R3 railroad line, 43rd Street, and Schuylkill River1963
West PoweltonPowelton Avenue to Lancaster Avenue, in the vicinity of 42nd Street.1980s
West TorresdaleNear Morrell Park, adjacent to Northeast Philadelphia Airport.1970s
WhartonAlong Wharton Street, west of Pennsport, east of Point Breeze.1970s
Wheat SheafLocated in the vicinity of Bustleton and Cottman Avenues.1899
Whitaker's HollowSee Cedar Grove.
White HallBorough northwest of Bridesburg, from the United States Arsenal west to Frankford Creek and Little Tacony Creek.1849-1899
WhitestownAlso known as West Falls. West side of Schuylkill River, opposite East Falls. Named for Josiah White's wire factory.1820s
WhitmanSouth on Delaware River, below Pennsport, in the vicinity of 2nd and Wolf Streets.1970s
Whitman (R.D.A.)Bounded by Snyder Avenue, Swanson Street, Oregon Avenue, Front Street, Swanson Avenue, Bigler Street, right-of-way line of Delaware River Port Authority, Randolph Street, Oregon Avenue, and 6th Street1957
Whitman ParkLocated south of Whitman, it is bounded by Oregon Avenue, Front, Porter and 3rd Streets.1980s
WicacoAlso known as Wischacomoca. See Weccacoe.
Willow GroveWest of Schuylkill River, south of Girard Avenue, east of Lancaster Avenue.1808
Winchester ParkVicinity of Pennypack Park, north of Holmesburg.1970s
WissahickonWest of Wissahickon Creek, adjacent to Roxborough.1910
Wissahickon HeightsThe section of Chestnut Hill west of Seminole Avenue and below Graver's Lane. Known later as Saint Martin's.1880s - 1906
WissinomingAlong Delaware River, north of Bridesburg, east of Frankford. From the native term for "place where the grapes grew."1895
WisterBounded by Germantown Avenue, Belfield Avenue, Wister Street, and Chelten Avenue.1970s
Wood's LandingSee Cooksocky.
Woodvale CottageEast of Broad Street, south of Columbia Avenue.
WylietownPart of Francisville near plant of Keystone Watch Case Company, 19th and Wylie Streets.
Wyndmoor HeightsDevelopment in eastern Chestnut Hill between Willow Grove Avenue and Springfield Avenue, west of SEPTA's R7 railroad line, around the intersection of Benezet and Ardleigh Streets. 1885-1890s
WynnefieldWest of Parkside Avenue, north of Lancaster Avenue, east of St. Joseph's University. Named for Thomas Wynne, William Penn's physician, who resided at 52nd Street and Woodbine Avenue.1920s
Wynnefield HeightsOn Montgomery County line at Belmont Avenue, to George's Hill Drive.1970s
Wyoming VillaVicinity of D Street and Wyoming Avenue.
YorktownNorth of Poplar, west of Ludlow.1960s

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