Commissioner's Files

[Record Series: 80-1.2]

  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence and memos, reports, publications, clippings, papers covering every aspect of the Department's functions. Included are files pertaining to programs of the Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation which include procedures for inventory and personnel controls, phasing reduction, distribution of funds to participating institutions, program descriptions, minutes and correspondence of the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Advisory Board, correspondence concerning mental health and mental retardation programs at Jefferson and Temple University Hospitals, and correspondence and memos pertaining alcoholism and drug abuse programs, 1970;
  • the Partnership for Health program, sponsored by the United States Department of Health, Education & Welfare, 1967-1969;
  • the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation, which contain by-laws and articles of incorporation, membership lists, summaries of briefing sessions, schedules, work procedures, minutes, reports, correspondence, publications, 1972;
  • Community Health Services programs of dental health, district health operations, emergency medical services, which include quarterly statistical reports of the Highway Safety Project;
  • environmental health including fluoridation, accident prevention, lead poisoning control, milk and food enforcement, occupational and radiological health, rodent and vector control and veterinary health;
  • immunization for measles, influenze, and swine flu; school immunization, venereal disease control, maternal and child care, and Community Nursing Services, including a financial audit of the Visiting Nurse Society, 1975-1976;
  • Medical Examiner's Office, 1975-1976;
  • Community Noise Monitoring, 1976;
  • meetings with county health directors, 1975-1976;
  • Legionnaires' Disease correspondence, 1976, including testimony of the Commissioner of Public Health before the Congressional Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Interstate and Foreign Commerce, articles;
  • Foundation for Community Health organizational material, by-laws, rosters, 1960;
  • correspondence, 1973-1974;
Correspondence and memos pertaining to:

  • preparations for the Bicentennial;
  • the Health Code, 1975;
  • programs of various area hospitals;
  • personnel;
  • professional societies such as the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the Philadelphia County Medical Society, the Philadelphia Pediatric Society;
  • the Department's operating and capital budgets, and institutions operated by the City, such as Philadelphia General Hospital, Riverview, and the Youth Study Center.

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