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Administrative Board

[Record group 60-3]
Agency Function
The Administrative Board consists of the Mayor, the Managing Director, and the Director of Finance. It sets and coordinates the basic organizational and procedural policies of the City government. To accomplish this, the board has the power to approve administrative rules and policies proposed by city agencies, set certain administrative rules and policies, and investigate the efficiency of the organization and administration of departments, boards, and commissions.

Agency History
The Administrative Board was created through the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter of 1951 to allow and implement a smooth transition between the city governmental structure under the old Charter of 1919 and the new structure created under the new Charter.

Archival Records
60-3.1 Minutes (1952-1955)

60-3.2 Reports of Boards and Commissions (1962-1969)

60-3.3 Files (1952-1983)

Current Records

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