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Agency Function
The Personnel Department, established by the City Charter, serves a dual function. It is the Mayor's principal advisor and interpreter for human resource management policy. It also serves as the centralized technical and support staff for human resource management within the City government.
The Personnel Department works in partnership with City departments, agencies, boards, and commissions to attract, develop, and retain a well qualified and diverse workforce. The Department is responsible for employee recruitment, examination, classification, compensation, training, labor-management relations, and benefits administration.

Administrative Subunits
Employment Services
Administrative Services
Management Services

Agency History
The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter of 1951 continued the existence of the Civil Service Commission and at the same time created a Personnel Department to assist the Commission in its work in ensuring fair and open examinations for all City positions and to administer the actual preparation and enforcement of Civil Service regulations. The Personnel Director is appointed by the Commissioners. The Director was also appointed a member of the Board of Pensions and Retirement. The Commissioners retain a power of review over and investigation of the Department's operations, and advisory functions to the Director and the Mayor.

Archival Records
147-3.1 Annual Reports (1952-1984, 1986-1992)

147-3.2 Publications and Reports (1952-1972)

147-3.3 Classification Questionnaires (1957-1958)

147-3.4 Position Classification Plan (1952, 1963)

147-3.5 Agreement between the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia District Council 33 (1953)

Current Records
147-3.a Examinations / Examination History

147-3.aa Benefits Administration / Employee Wage Reports, 4th Quarter

147-3.ab Benefits Administration / COBRA Plan Sponsor Lists Benefits Administration / COBRA Notification Letter Benefits Administration / COBRA Benefit Files Classification / Agendas of Civil Service Commission / Administrative Board Classification / Job Specifications Classification / Audit History

147-3.ah Classification / Classification History Classification / Specification Books

147-3.aj Classification / Position Action Database

147-3.ak Classification / Notice of Pay Changes Classification / Questionnaire Folders Classification / Pay Evaluation Folders Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative / EEO Data Sheets Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative / EE0 - 4 Reports

147-3.ap Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative / Mayor's EEO Reports Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative / EEO Discrimination Complaints Labor Relations / Union Contract Negotiations Training and Development / Employee Education/ Training Leave Request

147-3.b Examinations / Provisional Appointments

147-3.c Recruitment / Prospective Applicants

147-3.d Recruitment / Advertising Copy

147-3.e Recruitment / Advertisement Log

147-3.f Recruitment / Recruiting History

147-3.g Recruitment / Interest Cards

147-3.h Certification / Certification Control

147-3.i Certification / Eligible Lists

147-3.j Certification / Certification Referrals

147-3.k Benefits Administration / Regulation 32 Case History

147-3.l Benefits Administration / Transmittals to Health Carriers

147-3.m Benefits Administration / Employee Benefits File

147-3.n Benefits Administration / Sick Leave Reduction Incentive Program Returns

147-3.o Benefits Administration / Annual Certification of Employee Leave Trade

147-3.p Benefits Administration / Benefit Termination Reports

147-3.q Benefits Administration / Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's)

147-3.r Benefits Administration / Retiree Beneficiary Designations

147-3.s Benefits Administration / Voluntary Accidental Death / Dismemberment Enrollment

147-3.t Benefits Administration / Life Insurance Claims

147-3.u Benefits Administration / Active Life Insurance Claim Recaps

147-3.v Benefits Administration / Retiree Life Insurance Claim Recaps

147-3.w Benefits Administration / Premium Remittance

147-3.z Benefits Administration / Employee Wage Reports, 1st-3rd Quarters

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