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Agency Function
As the Cabinet level office that directly supervises the thirteen operating departments, the traditional function of the Managing Director's Office (MDO) has been to oversee, support and assist those departments.

Administrative Subunits
The MDO is divided into eight main divisions:
Management and Budget
Office of Emergency Management
Targeted Assistance Program
Neighborhood Services
Recycling Office
Criminal Justice Coordinating Office
Office of Fleet Management
Other record-creating groups exist or have existed in MDO as follows:
Managing Director
Deputy Managing Directors
Municipal Medical Dispensary
Deputy Managing Director for Housing
Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs (CODAAP)
Youth Services Coordinating Commission and Office
Municipal Energy Office

Agency History
The Office of the Managing Director was created under the Philadelphia City Charter of 1951. The members of the Charter Commission melded the ideals of a strong-mayor government with that of the city manager by creating this post to oversee the operations of the operating or service departments of the city government.

Archival Records
See archival record holdings for individual divisions (follow the links from the "Divisions" section above).

Current Records
61.a Administrative Board Rules

61.b Daily Mail Log Sheets

61.d Meeting Minutes (MDO Chaired)

61.e Meeting Minutes (Where MDO is a participating member)

61.g Project and Subject Files

61.h Service Request Tracking System

61.i Special Events Package

61.j Visiting Dignitaries and Delegations

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