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Guardians of the Poor
Schuylkill Almshouse

[Record Group 35-3-29]

35-3-29.1 Acting Manager of the "Schuylkill Almshouse". Accounts
September 1803-December 1803
1 volume, no index
Account book of Frederick Shinckle, Jr., acting manager of a temporary Alms House, established for the reception of paupers during the yellow fever epidemic of 1803, and located in a rented house on Race Street near the Schuylkill River. Entries include date, amount paid, names of persons receiving or making payments (in addition to vendors, recipients include employees and paupers), goods and/or services purchased, rent of the Schuylkill Alms House, balanced against receipts, totals, and receipts for payment.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Schuylkill Almshouse
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