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Guardians of the Poor

[Record group 35-3-6]
Agency Function

Agency History

Archival Records
35-3-6.1 Rx Issued Journal (1804-1809)

35-3-6.2 Rx Cost Per Inmate (1805-1806)

35-3-6.3 Drug Items Issues Ledger (1885-1887)

35-3-6.4 Journal, Drugs Furnished Insane Department (1874-1887)

35-3-6.5 Drug Item Purchase Ledger (1858-1887, missing 1867)

35-3-6.6 Drug Inventory (1873-1887, missing 1878-1881, 1884-1886)

35-3-6.7 Register of Sick and Surgical Ward Patients (1800-1803)

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