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[Record Series: 90-2.3]

  • "Plan Of The Greenwich Improvement Co. Land In The First Ward Of The City Of Philadelphia" 1861. 1 map
  • "Plan of the Greenwich Improvement Co. Land in the First Ward of the City of Philadelphia, also part of the streets, roads, etc. as located and established according to Act of Assembly approved the 29th March 1851 under the direction and approved of James Simmons, Commissioner. Thomas S. Stewart, Engineer, Feby. 1861. Approved by the Board of Surveyors, this 22nd day of April 1861, Strickland Kneass, Chief Engineer & Surveyor." Linen.
  • Maps, Area Of Wharton Street, 10th Street, Greenwich Point Road And Delaware River, 1852 to 1868. 12 maps, no index
  • Maps chiefly of area of estate of Samuel B. Morris et al ("Solitude"); not all maps scaled or dated, attribution to City Surveyors doubtful in some cases. Chief distinguishing feature is inclusion in some maps of easterly portions of Delaware and Schuylkill Canal proposed in 1825 to be cut from Pine Street on the Schuylkill River to Reed Street on the Delaware River.
  • Also are included copies of plans dated 1720, 1750 and 1788 and an 1867 plan of Weccacoe Marsh showing division among Swanson heirs. Some maps also indicate property owners or transfers; soundings on the Delaware River and the Wharf line are indicated on map of 1858.

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