WHEREAS, it is the people who labor for municipal government who collect the City's trash, fight its fires, patrol its streets, keep the City's libraries and recreation centers open, and deliver so many of the other vital public services that make Philadelphia work; and,

WHEREAS, the strong majority of the Civil Service employees of the City of Philadelphia have elected to be represented by recognized labor organizations; and,

WHEREAS, in the interest of professional and effective public service, an important goal of City management should be to promote positive and productive labor relations among both its employees and their recognized representatives; and,

WHEREAS, the responsible negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements, determining municipal employee compensation costs that represent more than half the City's budget, is also integrally linked to the City's financial capacity to deliver needed services; and,

WIIEREAS, the establishment of a Office of Labor Relations will help to meet the above goals and responsibilities by providing leadership and a coordinated approach to collective bargaining, labor contract administration, and labor dispute resolution;

NOW, THEREFORE, by the powers vested in me by the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, it is hereby ordered:


The Office of Labor Relations is hereby created as part of the Mayor's Office. The Office of Labor Relations will be headed by a Director of Labor Relations who will report to the Mayor.


The Office of Labor Relations shall carry out the following responsibilities, with the assistance of the Law Department:

A. To participate on behalf of the City of Philadelphia in collective bargaining negotiations concerning wages, hours and working conditions, and all other phases of labor relations with representatives of recognized labor organizations representing Civil Service employees of the City of Philadelphia.

B. To administer all collective bargaining agreements and arbitration awards between the City and any recognized labor organization representing Civil Service employees of the City.

C. To manage and provide direction for the dispute resolution process(es) in effect between the City and any recognized labor organization representing Civil Service employees of the City, including grievances and arbitrations.

D. To advise, consult and discuss with the Mayor and other City management regarding all matters concerning collective bargaining and arbitration on behalf of the City, and to develop and direct training programs for City managers and supervisors to promote effective labor relations.

E. To represent the City in all matters arising under the provisions of the Act of June 24, 1968, (Act No. 111) relating to policemen and firemen, and the Act of July 24, 1970, (Act No. 195) and all ordinances and regulations dealing with labor relations, relating to Civil Service employees of the City of Philadelphia.


A. The staff and supporting services and equipment required for the effective operation of the Office of Labor Relations will be transferred from the Personnel Department, Finance Department, and any other department where these functions have been performed to the Office of Labor Relations.

B. All departments, boards and commissions shall take such actions, consistent with the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and applicable law, as are necessary to effectuate the provisions of this Executive Order.


This order shall take effect immediately.

Date: 26 November 1996

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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