WHEREAS, It is the policy of the City of Philadelphia to establish lines of communication with and seek the advice, cooperation, and assistance of the community in the provision of child welfare and juvenile justice services; and

WHEREAS, Such community participation is vital to the provision of child-centered, family-focused, community-based child welfare and juvenile justice services; and

WHEREAS, Regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (55 Pa. Code �3130.21) require the City to "appoint an advisory committee to review and make recommendations pertaining to the county's children and youth social service program and the operation of the county agency," and provide that the membership of such committee "shall be representative of the county's population in relation to race and sex." The regulations further provide that the City "shall consult with the advisory committee on development of the County Children and Youth Services Plan and Budget Estimate"; and

WHEREAS, The existing Child Welfare Advisory Board was created in compliance with those regulations; and

WHEREAS, The purpose of this Executive Order is to reconstitute the Child Welfare Advisory Board and formalize its existence;

NOW, THEREFORE, by the powers vested in me by the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, it is hereby ORDERED:


a. The Child Welfare Advisory Board is hereby reconstituted as an Advisory Board within the Department of Human Services ("Department").

b. The Board shall be composed of not less than twelve (i2) members appointed by the Mayor to be representative of the City's population.

c. The Board shall also include the following ex-officio members:

(i) the Commissioner of Human Services;
(ii) the Deputy Human Services Commissioner for Children and Youth;
(iii) the Deputy Human Services Commissioner for Juvenile Justice; and
(iv) such other ex-officio members as the Mayor may appoint.

d. All members shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor for one year terms, and may be reappointed by the Mayor to any number of additional one year terms.


a. The Mayor shall appoint a chairperson of the Board. The Board may elect other officers as it deems necessary.

b. The Board shall, subject to the approval of the Administrative Board, adopt rules for its internal government consistent with the provisions of this order.

c. The Board shall meet regularly at such times and places as it may by rule designate, but no less than four times per year.

d. Ex-officio members shall not have the power to vote or to initiate or second any motion.

e. Members shall serve without salary, but expenses associated with attendance at meetings may, subject to Administrative Board rules, be reimbursed by the Department.


The Board shall perform the following duties:

a. It shall consult with the Department on the development of the County Children and Youth Services Plan and Budget Estimate.

b. It shall assist the Department in identifying and utilizing community resources by serving as a link between the community and the County Children and Youth Agency.

c. It shall advise and make recommendations to the Department on policy matters.

d. It shall assist the Department with outreach activities in order to educate the community on the mission and goals of the Department.

e. It shall advocate for the well being and protection of Philadelphia's children and their families by supporting the provision of quality services by the Department.

f. It shall advise the Mayor or the Mayor's designee on the initiation, development, and implementation of policies and programs throughout the Department to achieve the purposes of this order.

g. It shall provide the Mayor or the Mayor's designee with periodic reports as necessary and/or as requested.


a. All employees, officials, departments and other agencies of the ExecutiveAdministrative Branch are hereby directed to cooperate with the Board to the fullest extent consistent with the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.

b. This order shall become effective immediately.

Date: 29 August 1996

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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