WHEREAS, the City of Philadelphia is, like many large urban centers in the United States, responsible for providing its citizens a modicum of services financed by a diminishing tax base;

WHEREAS, many government entities have initiated various forms of legalized wagering, such as off-track betting on thoroughbred racing, statewide lotteries, riverboat gambling, or casino gambling;

WHEREAS, it is incumbent upon the government of the City of Philadelphia to explore all forms of revenue enhancement that increase the City's viability and lighten the tax burden on its citizens and businesses;

WHEREAS, it is further incumbent upon the government of the City of Philadelphia to maintain high standards of public safety and to consider the attitudes of its citizens, community and religious organizations;

NOW, THEREFORE, by the power vested in me in accordance with Section 3-100(b) of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Authorizing the establishment of the Mayor's Commission on Gambling.

SECTION 1. The Mayor's Commission on Gambling is hereby created. The Commission shall be composed of Mayoral appointees who are conversant with issues relating to gambling -- legal and otherwise -- and who come from a wide variety of geographical and vocational backgrounds, including religious, judicial, law enforcement, business, economic development, city planning, governmental, political, legal, and the trade union movement.

SECTION 2. The functions of the Mayor's Commission on Gambling shall be:

a. At the direction of the Mayor, aid and assist the Mayor to develop policies that clearly define the parameters of what might constitute acceptable levels of legalized gambling in the City of Philadelphia.

b. To work with the Mayor to ensure that all forms of community outreach are maintained, and to work with neighborhood groups to seek out and obtain all opinions related to gambling and its ancillary activities.

c. To communicate with other government entities -- local, state, and national -- to determine what accepted norms related to gambling might be in each community, and to impart that information directly to the Mayor.

d. To make certain that the various organizations related to public safety -- local, state, and national -- are included in whatever policy might ultimately be developed.

SECTION 3. The members of the Mayor's Commission on Gambling -- whose number shall not exceed 20 -- serve by reason of appointment and shall be appointed for two-year terms.

SECTION 4. The Commission on Gambling shall report directly to the Mayor.

SECTION 5. The Chair of the Mayor's Commission on Gambling shall be designated by the Mayor.

SECTION 6. The Mayor's Commission on Gambling shall adopt such By-Laws and rules and regulations necessary to govern its manner of operation and organization.

SECTION 7. This order shall be effective immediately.

Date: 7 May 1993

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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