WHEREAS, homelessness imposes a tremendous economic and social cost to homeless individuals, their families, businesses, neighborhoods, and government; and

WHEREAS, the City of Philadelphia will spend over $43 million in shelter, transitional housing, and support services for homeless individuals and families; and

WHEREAS, the City of Philadelphia must seek a long-term solution for hopelessness;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edward G. Rendell, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, in accordance with section 31100 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, do hereby establish the Mayor's Commission on Homelessness to assist the City of Philadelphia in developing a long-term strategic plan.


1. The Commission shall develop a long-term strategic plan for dealing with the causes, effects, and the impact of homelessness in Philadelphia. This plan should deal with such issues as, but not limited to, outreach, shelter and shelter services, transitional housing, permanent housing, employment and training, prevention, and enforcement.

2. The Commission shall advise and counsel the Mayor on the implementation of this plan.

3. The Commission shall seek the input of homeless and formerly homeless individuals in its work.


1. The Commission shall be composed of no less than 25 members, appointed by the Mayor, who shall be representative of advocacy groups, the business community, the religious community, civic groups, and City government agencies, and who share a commitment to the purposes of the Commission.

2. All appointments shall be at the pleasure of the Mayor.

3. The members of the Commission shall serve without salary. The Mayor shall appoint a Chairperson.

4. The Deputy Managing Director for Special Needs Housing shall serve as staff to the Commission.

5. The Commission shall convene regularly at such times and places as it may designate.


1. The Commission shall be responsible for advising the Mayor on the initiation, development, and implementation of policies and programs throughout City government to achieve the goals of this Executive Order.

2. The Deputy Managing Director for Special Needs Housing, with the assistance of the members of the Commission, shall provide the Mayor with periodic reports summarizing its work.


1. All employees, officials, departments, and agencies in the Executive-Administrative branch of the City of Philadelphia are hereby directed to cooperate with the Commission to the fullest extent possible consistent with the Home Rule Charter of the City of Philadelphia.

2. The Commission shall operate consistent with all applicable laws including those of the United States, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the City of Philadelphia.

3. This Order shall be effective immediately.

Date: 28 March 1993

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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