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Finance, Office of the Director of / Risk Management

[Record Group 62-10]

Certificates of Insurance
Proof that anyone doing business with the city has liability insurance, taken out by the vendor, or has a waiver agreement, if granted.
Location: In office of record
Claim Cases
Records of claims against the city, including investigative reports, medical records, photographs, diagrams, police reports, and all correspondence related to accident claims city property or vehicles.
Location: In office of record
Exposure Monitoring Reports
These records include a list of city job titles in which there is a risk of exposure to hazardous materials and the nature of the risk (chemical, biological, etc.), Exposure monitoring assessments, measurements of levels of contamination, equipment worn or used, and related data.
Location: In office of record
Hazardous Materials Investigative Reports
Results of studies conducted in work places to identify potential hazards to employees and recommendations on ways to eliminate such hazards.
Location: In office of record
Liability Insurance Policies
Policies taken out by the city for either liability or property protection coverage and which include coverage interpretation letters.
Location: In office of record
Medical Payment Vouchers
Payment vouchers for employees injured on the job, listed by name and payroll number, which identify payment of bills for those employees injured while working on regulation 32 or workers' compensation.
Location: In office of record

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