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[Record Group 230-9]

230-9.1 Register of Journalists
1 volume, index
Each entry within this register lists the name of the correspondent, the journal represented and his or her Philadelphia-area residence. The index in front is organized by the name of the newspaper represented.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
230-9.2 Newspapers and Magazines
56 volumes, no index
This collection includes two cubic feet of copies of Leslie's Illustrated and newspapers from all states and territories featuring news or press releases relating to the Centennial Exhibition. J.C. Foulkrod, bookkeeper of the United States Centennial Commission, assembled the 56-volume scrapbook collection. The collection contains clippings of the Centennial Exhibition and its preparation. The scrapbooks are organized by date and according to geographic area, or specific topic. Single volumes include clippings from Michigan, Louisiana & Nebraska newspapers; Colorado; Virginia; New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland; and Indiana, Illinois, Ohio & Iowa papers. At least two volumes include clippings from Boston papers and three from New York. There are also volumes devoted to European coverage prior to the Centennial; countrywide centennial celebrations and reports of exhibition planning; the Centennial Bill; the Evacuation Day Centennial; the Franklin Institute exhibitions; the Industrial Company of New York; and smaller and foreign expositions, i.e. the Cincinnati Exposition of 1874; the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition of 1875; American and international exhibitions in 1873; the Vienna Exhibition of 1873 and the Chili Exhibition of 1874. There are two volumes of clippings devoted to the Lexington & Concord and Bunker Hill Centennial Celebrations. At least 13 volumes are devoted to the Philadelphia press coverage of the planning and execution of the Centennial.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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