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Managing Director, Office of the / Deputy Managing Director for Housing

[Record Group 61-5]

61-5.1 Deputy Managing Director for Housing. Annual Reports
2 volumes, index vol. 1968-1969
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
61-5.2 Deputy Managing Director for Housing. Files
10 cu.ft.
Includes correspondence with the Managing Director's Office, the Federal Housing Administration, community organizations, such as Germantown Homes, Inc., Germantown Community Council, Colonial Germantown, Inc. and Grays Ferry Community Council; relocation correspondence and memos 1961-1963; relocation reports, 1965-1968; and reports on the following topics: new approaches to urban renewal for Philadelphia, 1957; program for the use of existing structures for public housing 1962; advantages of a centralized relocation operation, 1964; Redevelopment Authority estimates of relocation needs and resources, l966-1971; relocation statistics, Community Improvement Workable Program files 1960-1964 community proposals, minutes of meetings of the Center City Coordinating Committee (composed of representatives of the City Planning Commission, Department of Streets, Independence National Historical Park, Old Philadelphia Development Corporation, Redevelopment Authority, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, and Development Coordinator's Office), 1961-1963; minutes of the Small Inter-Agency Committee on Housing (composed of representatives Of the City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Housing Authority, Department of Licenses and Inspections, Office of Development Coordinator and Commission on Human Relations), 1962-1966; and its Research Subcommittee, 1959-1963; and Community Relations Subcommittee, 1959; and files on the following subjects: Diagnostic Social Survey, 1968; leasing program, relocation of public housing; the Spread Site Selection Committee for Public Housing, 1960-1964; vacant house program, emergency housing, title insurance, housing for families on Public Assistance;the American Jewish Committee Project, 1965-66; the community renewal program of the Citizens' Advisory Committee, 1962-1965 Philadelphia Board of Realtors, the Young Great Society, Youth Conservation Commission, Urban Coalition, Pennsylvania Housing Agency, Schuylkill Council for Improvement, Powelton Village Development Corporation, the Housing Information Service, Philadelphia Housing Authority turnkey sites. There are also included files of the Assistant Housing Director, Renewal Specialist, and Deputy Development Coordinator 1961-1963 1967, 1969-1970 .
A large part of this record series consists of files of the Development Coordinator for the period 1959-1968, which had been transferred to the Deputy Managing Director for Housing. These records seem to have been treated as files of the Deputy Managing Director and interfiled with the records of that office. For this reason we have grouped these records here rather than in Record Series 60.24.
(for similar records 1956, 1968, see Record Series 60.24)

Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

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