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The correspondence and files of the mayors of Philadelphia contain much documentation of the activities of the City departments, boards, commissions, and other agencies. Unfortunately, the lack of a municipal archives prior to the establishment of the Philadelphia City Archives under the provisions of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter led to a disposal of all mayoral correspondence by the staff of that office prior to 1947; only selected files remained in the Mayor's office to be acquired for future researchers. With the exception of the 1952 files, most of the correspondence files of the Mayor between 1947 and 1985 have been acquired by the City Archives. Each series within this subgroup, except the first, focuses on the administration of a particular mayor.

Archival Records
60-2.1 Correspondence and Files (1844-1854, 1887-1941)

60-2.2 Administration of Bernard Samuel (1941-1952)

60-2.3 Administration of Joseph S. Clark (1952-1956)

60-2.4 Administration of Richardson Dilworth (1956-1962)

60-2.5 Administration of James H. J. Tate (1962-1972)

60-2.6 Administration of Frank L. Rizzo (1972-1980)

60-2.7 Administration of William J. Green, III (1980-1984)

60-2.8 Administration of W. Wilson Goode (1984-1992)

60-2.9 Administration of Edward G. Rendell (1992-)

Current Records

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