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[Record group 232-4-7]
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Agency History
This department headed by Business Manager and Comptroller E. L. Austin handled business operations of the Sesqui-Centennial. The department was responsible for creating and implementing standard operating procedures involving employees, buildings, and grounds, and for coordinating units within the department including personnel, accounting, purchasing, and the Progress Division which reported on the progress of the exposition. Prior to the Sesqui-Centennial, Austin had been general auditor and comptroller for the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company.

Archival Records
232-4-7.1 Correspondence and Files (1925-1926)

232-4-7.2 Contracts (1925-1926)

232-4-7.3 General Orders (17 July 1925 - 13 August 1926)

232-4-7.4 Personnel Records (March 1926 - June 1927)

232-4-7.5 Financial Reports (May 1926 - January 1927)

232-4-7.6 Audit Papers (May 1926-January 1927)

232-4-7.7 Progress Division (April 1926)

232-4-7.8 Appropriation Ledger (January 1925 - August 1926)

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