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[Record group 232-4-12]
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The Department of Works was responsible for supervising the construction and development of the exposition buildings and grounds. Its personnel included R. J. Pearse, Director; W. P. Wetzel, Assistant Director; John Molitor, supervising architect; C. E. Tefft, chief of the Sculptural Division; William de Leftwich Dodge, Chief of Color; F. A. Robinson, chief of the Division of Landscape; W. J. Sutphen, Sanitary Engineer; L. T. Darrin, chief of the Electrical Division; and a Drafting Division with architect Louis Kahn serving as Chief Designer. Molitor, who was the Philadelphia City Architect, produced the detail plans for the exposition with the help of assistants from his office.

Archival Records
232-4-12.1 Specifications (1925-1926)

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