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[Record group 230-24]
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Agency History
For the final report of the Bureau of Fine Arts, see Final Report of the Director-General.

Also known as the Bureau of Art, it was formally organized with a Chief of Bureau in September 1875. The Bureau was responsible for three buildings: Memorial Hall (the Art Gallery), the Art Annex and Photographic Hall. The Bureau was aided by several committees, including an Advisory Committee, a Committee on Selection and a Committee on Arrangement. The Committee on Selection was to view American works gathered in Boston, New York and Philadelphia and select those to be exhibited at the Centennial. The Committee on Arrangement, composed principally of professional artists and an architect, was to assist the Bureau in the proper arrangement of the art works. The total number of exhibitors represented at the Centennial Exhibition was 2,472 with 7,147 pieces of art and photography.

Archival Records
230-24.1 Correspondence and Applications for Space (1876)

230-24.2 Official Catalogue, Department of Art (1876)

230-24.3 Supply Requisitions (1876)

230-24.4 Exhibits Removed from the Photographic Hall (1876-1877)

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