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Surveys: 10th Survey District

[Record group 90-10]
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The 10th Survey District originally covered the entire Northeast Philadelphia (Ward 23). In 1868, its territory included the 23rd and part of the 25th Ward, the latter having been carved from the 23rd. In 1890, it was reduced to the 23rd Ward, north of Frankford Creek. In 1901, it was further reduced to cover the 23rd and 35th Wards from Frankford Creek to Cottman Avenue. In 1925, the area west of Castor Avenue was taken from it for the new 16th District. In 1929, it suffered yet another loss between Robbins and Cottman, east of Frankford Avenue. In 1932, it was returned to its 1901 boundaries. The 10th District was abolished in 1941. A new 10th District was created in 1948 to cover Southwest Philadelphia, south of Woodland Avenue and Warrington Avenue.

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