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Public Works, Department of
Bureau of Mechanical Equipment

[Record group 85-4]
Agency Function
The Bureau was charged with the responsibility of rebuilding, reconditioning and repairing all automotive equipment and other types of mechanical units (except water-pumping machinery, which became the charge of the Bureau in 1949). The Bureau also built and reconditioned all horse-drawn vehicles in city service, and made or reconditioned tools, implements, and various other articles.

Agency History
The Bureau of Mechanical Equipment was created on 14 January 1937 within an appropriations ordinance of that date for calendar year 1937 in order to consolidate much of the repair work of city departments. Most of its functions were transferred to the Department of Public Property upon passage of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter in 1952.

Archival Records
85-4.1 Annual Report (1948, 1951)

85-4.2 Plans (1937-1938)

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