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Maternal and Child Health

[Record group 80-19]
Alternative/Former Names
Maternal and Infant Health

Agency Function
The objectives of the Maternal and Child Health Division are to preserve, promote and protect the health of Philadelphia's women and children through coordinated health programs; to provide comprehensive maternal and infant care services to women with high-risk infants; to provide family counseling to reduce teenage pregnancy; and to provide screening (testing) and comprehensive follow-up services for children at risk of lead poisoning.

Agency History
The Maternal and Child Health Division incorporates some of the elements contained in the pre-1951 Division of Child Hygiene. In the initial reorganization of the Department of Public Health, it was placed as a unit in the Department of Preventive Medicine. By 1963, it was a unit in the Division of Health Protection under the umbrella of the Community Health Services where it stayed until the mid-1990s. In the FY 1997 budget, it is listed as a separate division of the Department of Public Health, with the subagencies of Maternal & Child Health and Lead Poisoning Prevention under it.

Archival Records
80-19.1 Maternal and Child Health Section. Annual Report (1953-1955, 1957-1960)

80-19.2 Infant and Preschool Unit. Annual Report (1946)

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