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Charities and Correction, Department of

[Record group 66]
Agency Function
This agency has ceased to function.

Agency History
Established April 4, 1887, in pursuance of the Bullitt Bill and the enabling ordinance of 30 December 1886, to administer the House of Correction and the former County Alms House and all similar institutions under City control with the exception of the Municipal Hospital which remained under the jurisdiction of the Board of Health of the Department of Public Safety. The property of the then-abolished Managers of the House of Correction and the Guardians of the Poor was thus transferred to the control of the Department and placed under the direction, respectively, of its Bureau of Correction and Bureau of Charities. The Department was abolished by an Act of April 8, 1903 and an Ordinance of 20 April 1903; the Bureau of Charities was transferred to the Department of Public Health and Charities, the Bureau of Correction to the Department of Public Safety.

Archival Records
66.1 Department of Charities and Correction. Annual Reports (1889-1902)

66.2 Rules for the Government of the Department (May 29, 1890)

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